Rebecca Thomas ,The CEO, and Editor-in-Chief

My name is Rebecca Thomas and I’m the writer, editor and creator of! For as long as I can remember, I’ve been passionate about writing. It’s a great way to share ideas with others while also expressing my innermost thoughts in an honest and meaningful way. I started in 2016 as a way to share my knowledge and perspectives on the world of blankets, textiles and home decor. Through this blog, I’ve been able to delve into topics such as how to choose the right blanket material, the latest trends in bedding designs and more.

I’m also passionate about giving back, so every month I post a blog that focuses on a specific charity or organization that I feel passionate about. My ultimate goal is to create an online community where people can learn, share and exchange ideas in a positive and inclusive atmosphere. The blog has grown over the years, and I’m grateful for all of the wonderful feedback that I’ve received from readers who are just as passionate about textiles and home decor as I am.

If you’d like to join the community, I welcome all perspectives on blankets, textiles, and home decor. Together, let’s create a space to have meaningful conversations and learn from each other! I’m also the author of two books on blankets and textiles. The first book, Blankets 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Blanket Materials, is designed for those who are new to the world of blankets. It covers topics such as understanding different fabric types and materials, caring for your blankets properly, and even how to make your own. The second book, Blanket Design Trends: What’s Hot and What’s Not, focuses on the current trends in blanket design both locally and internationally.

I thoroughly enjoyed researching and writing these books as they allowed me to explore my creative side while also sharing my knowledge with others. In addition to my blog and books, I also produce and host a podcast called Blanket Talk. This is a great way for me to share more in-depth conversations about blankets, textiles, home decor, and related topics with listeners around the world.

I’m passionate about inspiring others to create beautiful spaces with blankets and other home decor accessories. Whether it’s through my books, blog, or podcast, my goal is to help people learn more about this wonderful craft and express themselves through creativity. If you’re looking for inspiration or just want to join the conversation, I invite you to follow along on my journey!